What happened to Legendary Island?

Sometime during 2016, the original Legendary Island of the Lost Treasures quietly closed its doors due to a lack of activity.

In 2016, the li-play.com domain was purchased by haloman30, the owner of a different Minecraft server called Chaotic United - and the old IP address has pointed to Chaotic United ever since. In 2018, the legendaryisland.com domain was purchased - once again by haloman30. In 2022, the site which includes this very page were put online.

For the most part, not much is known about what happened to the former staff and ownership of Legendary Island. As of now, no contact has been able to be made with Hvarr or most former staff - although a couple former players and one former admin did manage to find Chaotic United through the redirected Minecraft IP.

Will Legendary Island ever return?

Well... we can't say "never", although more than likely the original Legendary Island will never return exactly as it was. There is virtually nothing left of the original Minecraft server, and not much left of the original website either. All that remains is the spawn region - thanks to the use of the WorldDownloader mod by haloman30, part of the original website YouTube videos, screenshots, and memories.

Currently, most efforts are currently focused on Chaotic United - and with the difficulty that operating a Minecraft server entails - especially one as technically complex as Chaotic United - combined with the continued struggle of building a playerbase, it is unlikely that a separate Legendary Island server will sprout up anytime within the immediate future.

That being said, we also won't say it can never happen - in fact, we think it'd be a pretty interesting project. But right now, there just isn't any way to do so and make it feasible.

Honoring a Legacy

One thing that we would like to explore, however, that is much more feasible, is paying some proper tribute to Legendary Island in some form or fashion in Chaotic United's upcoming Roleplay/RPG gamemode. This mode will be built on top of the existing Survival gamemode, and will (hopefully) create an engaging, powerful fantasy story, loosely based on a reinterpretation of Chaotic United's real-world history. This mode will feature quests, characters, and an exciting narrative storyline.

One thing that we do plan to do at minimum is pay some sort of homage to Legendary Island somewhere in this mode. Something we'd love to do in the future is have an entire questline in the future that is entirely themed around Legendary Island - something that will recapture the environment, atmosphere, and theme of Legendary Island as much as is possible within this mode.

In fact, any information on Legendary Island that you think might be helpful in that endeavour - famous/important people, builds, locations, etc - would be greatly appreciated. There isn't a lot of this information readily available anymore, and so if we have more collective knowledge of what exactly makes Legendary Island special - it'll make this eventual project that much better of a tribute.

For now, however, this project will only see the light of day with time.

What about my rank?

While of course, Chaotic United didn't receive any of that money - and CU's ranks differ quite heavily from Legendary Island's - we are happy to offer a rank of equivalent price if you are able to provide some proof of purchase. Note that a video and/or screenshot showing you having the rank will (usually) be considered valid proof.

So... What's this Chaotic United thing?

Glad you asked! Chaotic United is a modern and maintained Minecraft server - featuring a wide selection of gamemodes. Survival, Creative, SkyBlock, Factions, Semi-Vanilla, Vanilla, Minigames - it's all here.

We also have a forums - which you can find by clicking Forums in the navigation menu, or by clicking here. By far our most active service, however, is our Discord server - which you can join by clicking here!

Of course, if you'd like to join the Minecraft server. You can join our normal IP at mc.chaoticunited.net - though your favorite IP for your favorite Island will also take you there: