Legendary Island Minecraft server is developed by Mojang and all the glitches, bugs and threats to clients computers, caused by Minecraft game, are under responsibility of Mojang, Minecraft Developer.

All server changes and updates are made by Mojang and server owner does not control them. Every server update can take some time for server owner to process. This may take up to a week and, sometimes, some plugins even may not be supported longer, after another Minecraft update and can even become obsolete. This means, that even if Server Owner feature some special abilities on Legendary Island server, he cannot control these features to keep being up-to-date, because they are developed by third party, not by Server Owner.

Server Owner is not responsible for content of the plugins. Plugins, sometimes, may not work correctly, or cause other complications, because plugins are all open source projects.
Server Owner is not responsible for quality of server plugins and Minecraft server itself. All complaints must be sent to www.minecraft.net
Play on server on your own risk. You have been warned.

Legendary Island website is based on a free, open source WordPress engine and this engine does belong to WordPress engine owner.

Legendary Island forum is based on SMF open source free engine. This engine is free to use and it does belong to SMF engine owner.